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Prefer to book a consultation with another attorney? Please give us a call at 501-428-9139.


You know exactly what you need, but you'd like to briefly discuss your issue with an attorney and have some basic questions answered.    DURATION: 20 min.   FEE: None.  
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The discovery call is mostly used for case evaluation purposes, to discuss whether our firm can represent you, and what the representation could involve in terms of process, timeline, and costs.


DURATION: 20 min.


FEE: None.


Legal Consultation

You're not sure what you need and you'd like to discuss your legal options and concerns with an attorney.   DURATION: 1 hour.   FEE: $300  
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The legal consultation is for when you have a complicated legal issue that can’t be addressed during a Discovery Call because it requires a more in-depth conversation about your legal options.

DURATION: 1 hour.


FEE: $300 USD, which is credited to you if you retain us for your legal needs within 30 days of the meeting.


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