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Have you and your siblings developed seemingly insurmountable communication issues? Problems among siblings can be difficult in the best of times, but can be exceptionally problematic when they need to work together on what should be done about an aging parent. While one sibling may feel mounting resentment against the others as he or she shoulders the majority of the caregiving responsibilities, the others may feel completely uninformed and out of the loop as well as feeling like their opinion about their parent’s well-being does not matter. Regardless of these issues, a way to work together to do what may be best for the aging parent must be achieved. Let us discuss how you can handle a situation where you and your siblings cannot agree on what to do with your aging parent.

When you and your siblings appear to be in a stalemate over what should be done about your aging parent, consider calling a family meeting, in person, if possible. At the meeting, be prepared to hold space for some intense emotions. Give the primary caretaker the opportunity to clearly set forth the situation with your aging parent and the type of care they need. Discuss options going forward and set clear expectations as to what each sibling can and should contribute, whether this be caregiving time or covering the costs of caregiving.

Should it seem impossible for you and your siblings to reach an agreement on your own, consider bringing in a professional. An impartial third party can help clear through the emotions and personal issues to get to the heart of the matter. A family counselor may be able to do this for you. Through guided conversation, a counselor may be able to help all involved to work through the challenges to start having a productive discussion about what should be done about your aging parent. In the alternative, you may want to consider an elder care mediator. A mediator is a professional skilled at resolving conflict through facilitating negotiations when parties are at odds.

Navigating these elder care issues can be complicated and may also have many legal implications wrapped up in them. For help with elder care related legal issues, our office is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.