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The best estate plans are the ones where all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed. Messy estate planning can create chaos in Arkansas families. Leaving things out of a plan or not having things properly documented or worse yet — not having an estate plan at all — could make life for already grieving loved ones even more miserable.

Not only should documents be in order such as an up-to-date will or trusts, but people should know that these days very few people are looking to amass things that they don’t need. Leaving loved ones a lot of personal items may not be in their best interests, so streamlining personal possessions might be a good idea. Asking family and friends if they’d like things before donating them to charity may be very appreciated by loved ones.

When it comes to streamlining finances, perhaps bank accounts could be consolidated. The same may be wise for any retirement plans. One thing that makes beneficiaries stressed out is not leaving a map to where assets can be found. It’s also important to let an executor and/or other family members know where estate planning documents are being kept.

Estate planning can take time and some knowledge of the legalities involved. An Arkansas estate planning attorney would be able to help his or her clients to ensure all necessary documents are in place and adhere to the letter of the laws governing estate plans. Making mistakes or leaving things out entirely will only cause added anxiety for family members who may need to sort through what has been left, and a lawyer would be able to help to avoid that.