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Luke Perry made sure his family would be looked after. Arkansas residents should look to the late actor — only 52 years old when he died — as a role model for estate planning. Perry had his estate in order before he died due to complications of a massive stroke. Because of that planning, his loved ones didn’t have to worry about having to make serious decisions without knowing what he would have wanted.

Among the actor’s estate planning documents was one which specified end-of-life requests, also known as an advance care directive. With that document, his family was able to make the decision to remove the actor from life-support. Without it, they would have had to petition the court to get the permission to do so, especially if one family member would have disagreed.

The actor, best known for his role on Beverly Hills 90201, created a will in 2015 leaving everything to his children. His net worth is estimated at about $10 million. It is thought that Perry had set up a trust for his children. His death is a reminder that people should not wait to plan their estates until they are older.

Estate planning is crucial for all adult Arkansas residents, especially for those who have children. An attorney experienced in estate planning can help in the process. An attorney can assist in helping to avoid probate and estate taxes and will be able to ascertain which estate planning documents best serve the needs of his or her individual clients.