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Experts are saying that Lee Radziwill’s estate plan was as elegant and well-put-together as she was herself. The sister of late former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis passed away earlier this year. Arkansas residents can learn something from her estate planning etiquette, which was both complex and thorough, as her will was recently probated. She understood that wealth could pass seamlessly with the right planning documents in place.

Not only did Radziwill have a will, but she also utilized a revocable trust which ensures privacy and ease of administering an estate. When a grantor would like some things kept away from public scrutiny, he or she can use trusts to do so. They are commonly used by wealthy individuals. Trusts can get complicated since there can even be trusts within trusts.

Estate planning is continually evolving and planning documents should change as life changes. Apparently, Radziwill understood this since her will, which was recently probated, was written on Sept. 20, 2018 — just a couple months before she died. Her most recent revocable trust was put into place in 2017, so it was apparent Radziwill’s last wishes were very important to her.

An Arkansas attorney can assist a client in all stages of estate planning. If a plan already exists, a lawyer can help to update the documents keeping in line with life changes. By executing a well-planned estate, an individual can be assured his or her assets will be properly safeguarded and pass seamlessly to the next generation. Deaths happens and births happen, so it is crucial estate plans be kept as current as possible.