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There may be times in life that come as a surprise and some of those surprises may put a damper on happy circumstances, but there can be plans put into place to offset unforeseen events. Arkansas residents who are considering estate planning might also want to consider having an emergency kit ready pertaining to finances should life throw them a few curve balls along the way. There are some things that would be wise to have in a financial emergency kit.

Estate records should definitely be a part of one. Estate planning is the highest echelon of planning for a financial emergency since an estate plan speaks to such important issues as incapacity or death. These documents need to be up-to-date and contain current contact information as well. Insurance policies should also be in the mix for obvious reasons.

Information regarding taxes such as copies of past returns and the contact information of whomever did the return should also be included in the kit. Copies of important documents regarding investments, bank accounts, credit card accounts, retirement accounts are important to have as well. It’s always a good idea, too, to have photos and/or videos of assets in the kit as well as copies of important keys like those for a safety deposit box.

It is always good to be prepared, just in case. Estate planning can be helpful in emergency situations. Arkansas residents who are planning to write their estates may wish to the the help of an experienced estate planning attorney. A lawyer knows the laws that govern estates and would be able to guide clients according to their unique life situations.