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Being in the 21st century calls for some twists on things that could impact family life. Modern Arkansas families need to have modern estate plans and that means estate planning shouldn’t be put on the back burner and plans should be updated as life evolves. If children are part of a couple’s life, it’s all the more important to take the steps necessary to have them cared for in the event something unforeseen should happen.

The face of the family might look very different today than it did in the 1940s and 50s. Couples are living together without marrying, children are part of blended families and same-sex couples can marry. Gone is the traditional model of the family, but not gone is the need for adults to have estate planning documents like wills, powers of attorney and health care directives, among others.

Very often individuals have had more than one marriage. Pre and postnuptial agreements are on the rise and can stipulate how wealth and debt should be distributed on the chance the marriage doesn’t work out. They can help a couple agree on important decisions even if there is no need to put those decisions into play. They can also speak to any children a couple has together or from other relationships.

Estate planning documents can also reflect a person’s religious faith and end-of-life wishes. An Arkansas attorney can help his or her client to fashion the best estate plan for his or her particular situation. A lawyer will listen to a client’s needs and assist with a plan that reflects his or her beliefs.