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What You Need to Know About Open Enrollment in 2020

by audrey | Oct 27, 2020 | Blog

Did you know that Medicare Open Enrollment is now upon us? Open enrollment started on October 15 and goes until December 7. It can be an important time to reflect on your health care needs for the coming year and to see if your current Medicare coverage selections…

Here Is Why Leaving Money To A Charity Can Benefit Your Estate

by RSA Law Group | Oct 6, 2020 | Blog, Estate Planning

Have you thought about the many reasons to give to charity? Honoring a loved one, advancing a worthy cause, and a genuine interest in helping others may be just a few of the motivations that help make the world a better place.Charitable giving, however, can also come…

Creating a Trust for a Child with Substance Abuse Issues

by RSA Law Group | Sep 23, 2020 | Blog, Trusts

September is “National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month,” a national observance to raise awareness and educate Americans about mental and substance abuse disorders that inflict over 20 million Americans. Over 6 million of those with substance abuse…